Thursday, November 15, 2012

Facebook and the Divorce Rate

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers concluded that social networking sites are having a detrimental effect on marriages. Studies now suggest that Facebook was cited in one-third of all divorces in the United States for 2011. I am seeing an alarming number of clients who either found out about their spouse's infidelity on Facebook or were the source of infidelity themselves through Facebook. It appears that many of these relationships start innocently. The danger comes when married people start expressing their inner thoughts, lives and troubles with an old friend. It's easier to express your deepest thoughts on-line than in-person. This "sharing" leads people to believe they have a deeper connection with a Facebook "Friend." When hard times come, which they will in every marriage, people run to their friends or those who will understand their inner self.

Facebook is also frequently cited in divorces because it's easy to gather "evidence" about their spouse's inappropriate actions through Facebook and use it against them in Court. Anything and everything you post on-line can and will be used against you. Be careful!

My advice regarding Facebook would be:
 -Avoid Facebook when you're mad at your spouse. There is just too much temptation.

-If you are trying to mend a struggling marriage, don't "friend" or "poke" old flings.
-Don't share intimate details about your life/thoughts with "friends" of the opposite sex. Keep it surface level information.

-Keep your profile private and only accept friends (that are not a temptation) and relatives (If you like them...)
-Keep an open policy with your spouse regarding user id's/passwords. It shouldn't be a problem,
if you have nothing to hide.

-As with anything, use it responsibly