Monday, August 4, 2014

Private Adoptions

 According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the U.S. alone an estimated 6.7 million women suffer from infertility and complications with carrying a baby full-term(, which is a staggering number. For some, infertility treatments are enough to produce the children they desire. For others, adoption is the only option for ever building a family. I frequently find myself meeting with wonderful women/couples who are desperate to adopt a newborn or older children. Many of these people know that having biological children is unlikely to ever occur. Adoptive families have typically undergone a home study, background checks, health exams, retained an adoption attorney, etc., yet they wait... childless. Other than sending these individuals to yet another overpriced adoption agency, I have little assistance to offer. This blog is written to you personally in response to these clients, friends, relatives, and community members: If you know of someone  looking to adopt or are considering placing a child (children) for adoption, please contact my office for more information at (352) 243-9991. 

A note to birth mothers: I understand that your decision to place a child from an unplanned pregnancy (or older children) for adoption is a difficult one. Circumstances surrounding unplanned pregnancies are often complicated. I also respect and honor your selfless decision to give your child the best life possible in a loving and supportive family. I want to help you find adoptive parents that you feel comfortable with and then assist you as you get your life back on track. For more information, please contact my office at (352) 243-9991 and schedule a free consultation.

A note to adoptive parents: If your heart desires to adopt, keep seeking and I believe the door will be opened to you. Get the word out regarding your desire to adopt with everyone you know and schedule a free consultation with me regarding your options. 

To everyone else: Please join me in helping to create loving and supportive families in our community. Every child deserves to grow up in a good home with loving parents. Lets get the word out and help those in our community who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and as many of those 6.7 million women suffering from infertility as possible. The adoptions I have assisted with are almost always through word of mouth.  Thank you for your consideration.